Off to Paste!

We have news! And a new home! After 18 happy months at The New Republic, Grierson and Leitch (pictured) are moving on. Starting in June, you will be able to find all our new reviews at Paste Magazine. In addition, we will have an expanded presence at both Vulture and Decider, doing more lists for the former and streaming new releases for the latter. We’re going tripod!

We have nothing but love for our friends at The New Republic and appreciation for our time there. Thanks to Mikaela Lefrak, Michelle Legro, Ryu Spaeth, Ryan Kearney, Alex Shephard, Steph Leke and Gabriel Snyder for letting us play in your sandbox. Our reviews started with The Force Awakens and ended with Snatched. That’s a journey!

But we can’t wait to get over to Paste, and to work more with Decider and Vulture. Come June, you’ll see all our new reviews at Paste, where we’ll be the lead critics. It’ll be just what you’ve gotten used to. We’ll still be doing our thing.

And don’t worry: The podcast is staying right where it is. We’ll be doing it every week, as ever. So subscribe in iTunes, listen on SoundCloud, whatever your favorite podcast listening format is. The podcast is going nowhere.We thank The New Republic for 18 great months and are excited to be moving to Paste, and we’re even more excited to have you come with us. See you in June!